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Hiking and nature in Eastern Crete

Route 2: Palekastro - Agathias - Skinias beach - Karoumes beach - Karoumes gorge - Chochlakies - Palekastro

Total length of run : 12 kms - 4 hours (Palekastro - Chohlakies Village)


Total length of run : 12 kms.

Starting from Palekastro on foot, you will arrive at the small settlement of Agathias in 15 minutes. You walk through the village and in the end you walk on a dust road among olive trees, coming close to the hills, south-east of the settlement.

Walking in Agathias
Skinias bay

When you arrive there, you may need some help by a native in order to show you the right turning. The area at that point may confuse you because of the many rural roads.

Ten minutes after Agathias, you start ascending and after half an hour you arrive at the small plateau “Plativola”, which is 150m high. There you will see the small temple of Agios Spyridon, which is located in the middle of the small plateau. There you can see the road which leads you to south-east.

Plativila plateau
Plativila plateau

In order to reach Agios Spyridon you have to pass through hedges made by barbwires. You will not have to be stopped by them. There are gates at these hedges, where you can open them, get in and close them again. These hedges are made in order to localize the sheep and goats.

From Agios Spyridon you go downhill and in half an hour you arrive at the marvelous and completely secluded area of Skinias.

Skinias bay from Plativola
Skinias beach

There you can enjoy your swimming in one of the two wonderful beaches. From the southern beach with pebbles there is a signed path, which leads 20-25 meters lower to the south.

In one hour from Skinias you will reach the Karoumes beach, which is very beautiful, too. The way between these two beaches is marvelous and you can enjoy the dark blue of the sea combined with the wild and untouched cretan countryside.

Between Skinias and Karoumes
Skinias bay
The beach of Karoumes is bigger than the beach of Skinias. There are trees that offer you plenty of shadow, something that you will not find in Skinias.
From the beach, looking to the west, you can see the entrance of the homonymous gorge.
Karoumes Gorge
You need about 90 more minutes to cross that wonderful gorge. After you exit the gorge, you will meet the picturesque settlement of Hohlakies. Hohlakies is a small village in the middle of Zakros and Palekastro. On your way you can enjoy a refreshment or a cup of coffee in a small, traditional “kafeneion”, hidden in the middle of the settlement (open only in summers).
The whole environment and the cretan hospitality will seal all the marvelous impressions you have collected all day long…
From Hohlakies you can take the bus back to Palekastro.

Photos of the Karoumes gorge you can see here

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From Plativola to Skinias
Between Skinias and Karoumes
The "Vajes" valley as seen from Plativola plateau
Between Skinias and Karoumes
Skinias area
On the way to Plativola from "Vajes"area
Near Karoumes beach
From Karoumes beach to Karoumes Gorge
Between Skinias and Karoumes
Between Skinias and Karoumes
Skinias area
Between Skinias and Karoumes

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